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Research ProTalent® services address a common problem for high performing organizations: competition for talent is brutal and the cost of mishires is high. Until now, the safe bet has been to direct the hiring efforts on the right schools, the right degrees, and the right backgrounds. Companies that empirically understand their talent possess an invaluable competitive advantage in recruitment, hiring and retention through the added dimension of distributed hiring.

ResearchPros has a quantitative method that elicits the biographical markers unique to high performers in a specific function within a specific corporate culture. Armed with this knowledge, an organization can make critical personnel decisions with greater precision.

Increased precision in the identification of high performers = more successful individuals and more profits for the firm.

Our method upgrades existing topgrading systems and is applicable to nearly all business sectors. It has successfully revealed the “secret sauce” of high performance across diverse organizations.

Research ProTalent is a three-part process:

  • A benchmarking phase during which an organization’s own talent pool is analyzed to determine the markers that distinguish its high performers,
  • A leadership engagement to socialize the newly explicit understanding of the characteristics top performers share, and
  • A deployment of the quantitative Research ProTalent model, which can be integrated into current hiring systems to predict the likelihood of an individual becoming a high performer within a specific position in an organization.

This tool will:

  • Explicitly identify the markers of high performance at an organization
  • Increase the scientific precision of recruitment, hiring and retention practices
  • Help companies develop the next class of high performers/revenue generators

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Research Pros, Inc., is a custom business-to-business (B2B) research firm that specializes in providing high level primary and secondary research services.